Saturday, September 28, 2013

Old Photos 5

'Shaky' Bridge - State Park near Calhoun St. Brdige

State St. West from Warren St. (Bankers Corner - First Trenton, Mechanics and Trenton Trust)

Broad St/ (Note Multiple Stores and Church in Background

State St. West from Broad St.
Y.M.C.A. and Trenton Saving Fund Society - East State State near Mayfair Theater

Trenton Trust and Save Deposit Bank - West State Street 
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Monday, August 5, 2013

Trenton Photos #15

Ozzie Zuckerman
Serviceman  World War 2
1931 Y.H.M.A. Champion Basketball Team
Swimming in Canal in Cadwalader Park
(in back of the Food Stand)
Tal Brody playing for Israeli Team
Tal Brody Lighting Torch at Maccabee Games 2013
John A. Roebling Statue at Cadwalader Park
Kohn's and Kunes' Bakeries on Market St.
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Monday, April 29, 2013

Trenton Photos #6

Penn RR Station

Sam Finkle, 1895

 Van Sciver Building

Cadwalader School Pix 1953

Top Row: Al Downing, Alan Kagan, Art Finkle, Ed Berklehamer, Ron Warren, Bob Hollingshead
2nd Row: Elona Farina, Barbara Kuhl, Judy Joseph, Katrina Peters, Dorothy Fizer, Pat Tibbs, Gail Rosenthal, Sandy Lipshitz
3rd Row: Carolyn Lingrel, Paula Robinson, Janice Louden, Susan Rosenthal, Ann Fiestal, Shirley Gary, Judy McFarland, Pat Cunningham
Front Row: Bobby Harris, Jeff Doranz, Larry Trachtenberg, Jack Simons, Marvin Kupersmit, Jimmy Hardman, John Gebhart, Kenny Wood

This was a mixed 5th and 6th grade and Mrs. Clark was our teacher

Shad Fishing in the Delaware River, April

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