Thursday, December 20, 2012

Trenton Jewish Historical Society

Trenton Jewish Historical Society

The Trenton Jewish Community is a microcosm of the initial immigration of Sephardic German Jews. Then the tides of immigration of Russian Jews escaping oppressive religious persecution; finally, those Displaced Persons after World War 2; finally those Russian Jews freed in the 1970’s – 1990’s.

The Society records these phenomena so that our young will know their roots and our adult will not for forget theirs.


·       Encourage historical research of the Trenton Jewish community in the area

·       Preserve this history through publications, tapes, and an archival collection

·       Disseminate this information through open meetings and a speakers' bureau

·       Any funds available to this Society may be used for research and publication grants to qualified historians, professional or amateur, whose proposed work meets the aims of this Society, whose Trustees must approve such application

·       Funds must be approved by the Trustees, for other historical projects that meet the aims of this Society.

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