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Perlman Family

Perlman Family

My grandparents, Cellia, nee Phillips, and Samuel Perlman, had 5 children, Sol, George, Rose, Dorothy and Lou. Grandfather, died at the age of 47 in 1921, was a builder and investor. Grandmother passed away in 1971, age 96, homemaker.

Sol, oldest child, born about 1895, went to Princeton U, class of 1916, Harvard Law, and became a lawyer, practiced in Trenton with his wife, Rose Lerner Perlman who was the 1st female to graduate from U of Penn Law School.

Joan went to a NJ Teachers College and becazme a teacher. She died in1995.

George had multiple business careers, sold meat, owned a swim club, Eventually, he became a realtor/insurance agent. I worked for him from 1959-1968, bought his insurance business and established my own. He passed away in 1988 and left the bulk of his estate to Greenwood House.

Rose, born 1898, married Harold Anshen, owned a wholesale business that sold paper products, etc. Rose passed away in 2000 at the age of 101.

Dorothy, graduated from U Penn, married Monte Rosenthal. Dorothy worked for her brother, George, in the real estate and insurance agency.

Lou, my father, married Verona Cohen. They had 2 children, Samuela and me. Lou owned a tavern on North Willow St. in Trenton. They had two children, Samuela and Richard. Sam went to U Penn, taught, married and has four children. None live in our area. Richard graduated from Bucknell College and became a prominent insurance agent.,.

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