Friday, April 8, 2016

Trenton's Jews: Beginning, Adaptation and Achieving the American Dream

Trenton's Jews: Beginning, Adaptation and Achieving the American Dream  Arthur L. Finkle 

An account of a small industrial city, Trenton, that became a haven for immigrating Jews (German Jews in the 1850’s; and the Russian, Polish, Hungarian and Romanian Jews in 1881-1914). The story delves into the immigrant periods of a displaced people adapting to a completely new environment. It follow its people, its institutions, its work and its eventual economic success. Later, the story line explores the Second Generation of this Russian community, along with the older and smaller German Jewish community, and the amalgamating influences of the Young Men’s Hebrew Association (YMHA) and other secular organizations ‘Americanizing’ the Jewish community. Trenton is one of many small cities that served as havens for Jewish refugees who came to the land of opportunity to eventually achieve the American dream.

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  1. Hi, Arthur, I just ordered your American Dream book. You might be interested in a two-page essay I have written on the Milners and Tsemakhzon/Semachsons who married each other in Lithuania and then immigrated to Trenton. Except I can't (and probably will never) figure out if the Trenton Semachsons were actually related to the Tsemakhzon in-laws. What is your email address?


      Would love to see family data.


  2. Fred

    Please send to I'll add it to blog

  3. I am a third generation Jew still living in Trenton. My grandparents Frank Perlstein ( Perelsztejn)and Mary Salzman met here after immigrating from Russian. Mt grandfather started a business in Trenton in 1908 which my father took over in 1949 and after my fathers death in 1986 I've been running ever since. We have done extensive searching and we go back many generations in Russia. I found out about your book through a customer that came in and chatted with me about it. I'm trying to change my schedule to be in the Trenton Library on 3/18/2017. Just purchased your book as well.
    Susan Perlstein Tavares